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We are excited to announce

a name change for MarriageStrong and RelateStrong.

Marriage has great power.

It’s commonly accepted that a life of leading and serving others is hard on marriages and requires sacrifice. Rarely it’s said that leading or serving can actually improve your marriage — or that a strong marriage can strengthen your ability to affect others.

It's time to stop separating marriage from life, particularly a life of leadership and service. They are deeply connected and mutually beneficial.

MarriageStrong helps couples develop valuable relationship skills that help their marriages, while also changing the way they lead and serve others in their families,, places of work, and within the Body of Christ.

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Program Overview

To ensure you’re set up for success, every Boone Center program begins with a two-day onboarding. Group leaders can then bring the program back home to cover the following topics:

  • Getting To Know Our “Us-ness”
  • Learning The Pain Cycle
  • Learning The Peace Cycle
  • Learning The Four Steps
  • Practicing Problem-Solving
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Recognizing Our Personality Differences
  • Using Our Spiritual Gifts
  • Dreaming About A New “Us”

Program Benefits

MarriageStrong benefits for your entire group:

  • New insights into your marriage, your spouse, and yourself
  • Healing and increased understanding in your most important relationship can contribute to healing and understanding in other important relationships
  • New intimacy and growth in your relationship can occur through greater understanding of your reaction patterns, fears, and your spouse's pain
  • A new sense of empowerment and freedom as to how you can affect change in your relationships and interactions
  • Exploration of similarities and differences in personality and spiritual gifting provides another rich avenue for deeper understanding and appreciation
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries through improved communication