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We are excited to announce

a name change for MarriageStrong and RelateStrong.


While more and more people today are waiting to marry and start a family, questions of Identity and Belonging can be a challenge for those who are single. Many in and outside the church struggle to feel complete or part of a community that revolves around marriage and family. Some churches have responded by reducing their marriage and family programs to avoid alienating individuals. RelateStrong provides the answer for communities looking for a program to serve their individual adults who want to grow in their relational health with others.

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How it works

RelateStrong is designed to help individuals come to understand their strengths and relationship styles in the context of a small group experience. The material concentrates on teaching how to build love and trust in a healthy and engaging way. The participants learn now to understand their own conflict styles, unlearning destructive patterns while incorporating life-giving actions instead. Group participants learn to embrace their own personality styles and spiritual gifts as they connect to the body of Christ. The spiritual emphasis of learning how to live in the "new self" is extremely beneficial to those in ministry leadership positions as they work to lead and serve others effectively.


RelateStrong was developed in 2015 in response to the many requests from individuals who wanted to learn the MarriageStrong content. MarriageStrong was originally designed for academic campuses to help students prepare their marriages for ministry. With many people choosing to delay marriage until after their careers are established, graduate programs are often filled with individuals rather than couples. As the program grew, churches and organizations expressed a need for a companion program to work with individuals.

The concepts from the foundational program are easily converted to reach an individual audience. Learning how to deal with conflict with friends, family members, and romantic partners teach the individual how to resolve conflict easily, understand others, and make healthy choices in relationships. The program is based on the principles of Restoration Therapy, a therapy model developed by Terry Hargrave, PhD. and Sharon Hargrave, LMFT. Taught in a psychoeducational model, the material benefits from popular psychological concepts of emotional regulation, mindfulness, and attachment. The group members learn how to find identity and safety in relationships.