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We are excited to announce

a name change for MarriageStrong and RelateStrong.

Who Leads MarriageStrong Groups?

This material has been successfully led by both professionals and lay leaders. While some facilitators are licensed marriage and family therapists or licensed professional counselors, others are leaders within their church, academic institution, or Christian organization. MarriageStrong groups are designed to be educational, not therapeutic; so while some leaders benefit from a psychological background, it is not a requirement for leading. Leaders often include their spouse in facilitating the group; this is encouraged, but not mandatory. 

The MarriageStrong material functions within a nine week small group model. Each weekly session is an hour and a half long, followed by a short time of socializing. Leaders facilitate groups through the following topics outlined in the MarriageStrong leader manual:

  • Getting To Know Our “Us-ness”
  • Learning The Pain Cycle
  • Learning The Peace Cycle
  • Learning The Four Steps
  • Practicing Problem-Solving
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Recognizing Our Personality Differences
  • Using Our Spiritual Gifts
  • Dreaming About A New “Us”

I see firsthand how this material changes a couple's tense interaction in the moment - their arms uncross, they move a little closer, their tone softens. I watch them come together right there in the room, right in front of me. It's powerful and it encourages me in my own marriage.
-MarriageStrong leader

Get trained as a MarriageStrong leader

Those interested in leading a MarriageStrong group participate in the MarriageStrong Leader Training where they can fully grasp the dynamics of the material and how to apply it to the small group setting.   This leader training is a 2-day workshop where participants are taught the MarriageStrong curriculum in an interactive and interpersonal format. Participants work through the key learning objectives themselves, experiencing firsthand the benefits of the program for their own relationships. The training also includes practical how-to's for small group formation and interaction. Participants will receive a leader's manual and CE's are available for portions of the training.

The cost for the MarriageStrong Leader Training is $300 for individuals/$350 for couples; student rates are available for those who qualify.   Click here to apply.

Become a Certified MarriageStrong trainer

Certified MarriageStrong Trainers are individuals approved to teach and facilitate MarriageStrong Group Leader Trainings in their own community, professional, or academic settings. LEARN MORE