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Your marriage has great power.

By nature, marriage is in a unique position to either greatly strengthen or weaken your life and your work in leadership and service.

It is commonly accepted that a life of leading and serving others is hard on marriages and requires sacrifice. Rarely is it said that serving or leading can actually improve your marriage — or that a strong marriage can strengthen your ability to affect others.  It's time to stop separating marriage from life, particularly a life of leadership and service.  They are deeply connected and mutually beneficial. 

MarriageStrong equips couples to experience the benefits of a healthy marriage, leading them to thrive in all of their relationships.

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This nine week group was truly one of the best, most helpful things we have done as a couple.
-MarriageStrong participant


MarriageStrong is a psycho-educational, marital small group experience. Four couples meet for an hour and a half each week for nine weeks.  Led by trained professionals, these sessions focus on the following topics:

  • Discovering the truth about marriage and how the past affects current relationships
  • Identifying the heart of the conflict cycle and learning constructive ways to manage conflict
  • Learning about the boundaries as a couple that will guard against the burnout, unrealistic expectations, feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and loneliness that often exist in the ministry, leadership, and service
  • Embracing couple differences in personality characteristics and spiritual gifts and learning how to encourage each other in spiritual and emotional growth
  • Deciding as a couple to benefit their marriage through leadership and service
  • Learning about who they are together and the definition of "us-ness"

These groups offer a chance to gain greater insight to your relationship communication patterns and how to break free of problematic interactions. Listening to and sharing with other couples allows for an enhanced learning experience, in addition to providing the opportunity for mutual encouragement and support. Meetings end each week with a time of socializing and dessert. The last meeting is a group celebration over dinner, reflecting on the time shared together and discussion of each couple's future plans and dreams for their future.


  • New insights into your marriage, your spouse, and yourself
  • A new sense of empowerment and freedom as to how you can affect change in your relationships and interactions
  • New intimacy and growth in your relationship can occur through greater understanding of your reaction patterns, fears, and your spouse's pain
  • Experiencing healing and increased understanding in your most important relationship can contribute to healing and understanding in other important relationships
  • Exploration of similarities and differences in personality and spiritual gifting provides another rich avenue for deeper understanding and appreciation
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries through improved communication