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A Christian Framework

for discussion-based marriage groups for your community leaders
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Building Marriages for Life and Leadership

By nature, marriage is in a unique position to either greatly strengthen or weaken work in leadership and service. MarriageStrong equips couples to experience the benefits of a healthy marriage, leading them to thrive in all of their relationships.

My passion for working with leaders comes from seeing firsthand how conflict-styles in a marriage are reflected in work and ministry relationships. Consequently, a healthy marriage, where a couple conforms to the image of Christ, will influence healthy relationships elsewhere. Positive relationships make both marriage and leadership more rewarding, fulfilling, as well as contribute to greater success.
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MarriageStrong is a psychoeducational marriage group experience committed to helping your leaders develop valuable relationship skills that will not only help their marriages, but also dramatically change the way they interact with others in their families, friendships, places of work, and within the Body of Christ.

Regardless of your background, the Boone Center training seminar on MarriageStrong will teach you to understand the dynamics of the information and how to apply it to a group setting in your community. MarriageStrong material has been taught successfully by both professionals and lay leaders. Some facilitators are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists or Licensed Professional Counselors, while others are lay leaders who are competent in the material.

Many leaders co-facilitate with their spouse, which is encouraged.

The MarriageStrong Framework Is Grounded In


The strength and insight gained by sharing, discussion and genuine connection.

Personal Development

A deeper awareness from understanding yourself, other people and their perception of you.


Spiritual and emotional renewal sparked by the words of scripture and community.